Great smartboard activity

I am using this great flash activity on my Smartboard today. It is from the Reading is Fundamental website (which has lots of great flash songs and stories) and offers the children an opportunity to interact with the story.

There is not a musical element to this flash, but I am creating one by having the children sing the words on the main page as a refrain on so-mi:

I went to the jungle and what did I see?
I saw a lot of jungle eyes looking back at me!

This is a perfect activity for my pre-schoolers because it gives them a chance to use the Smartboard for the first time without being too complicated. They also love almost anything with animal sounds, especially jungle animals!

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2 thoughts on “Great smartboard activity

  1. Thanks for posting this beginning Smartboard activity. I would like to start using the Smartboard with my music classes as well. The reading teachers will appreciate how the flash highlights the text as it is being read.

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