Soliciting Ideas – Boomwhackers

I have not used Boomwhackers much in the past–frankly I have never much cared for them– but we have two weeks left until Spring Break and we all ran out of patience and attention span sometime last week! I am open to trying anything that gets my children engaged and on task at this point! They are all PreKs, so older 4 yearolds and younger 5 year olds.

I have introduced Boomwhackers for the first time to compliment the study of long/short in their math curriculum. They have been a big success as far as student interest but I am running through a very short list of ways to use them.

We have accompanied ourselves in reading/singing the three little pigs, using high sounds for the pig and low sounds for the wolf.

We have played a game where the students walk around while music plays, then find their partner with a matching boomwhacker and tap them together when the music stops.

Any similar simple ideas for using the Boomwhackers to help us survive the next two weeks? I have found some resources available to buy but this job will not exist next year and I am moving back to middle school instrumental, so it seems like a waste to buy preschool boomwhacker resources!


  1. Kathy Kerstetter Said,

    March 23, 2010@ 11:34 am      

    You can get some great ideas from the Music K-8 magazine website. Here’s a link to the Boomwhacker page in the Idea Bank. These all come from working teachers, so most of the idead have been “field tested” – so to speak.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Brenda Muench Said,

    March 23, 2010@ 12:28 pm      

    We read the book Mortimer by Robert Munsch and use the BoomWhackers to play the sounds of the people going up and down the stairs. Easy, repetitive and fun!

    Have you tried having them play easy patterns like the one in Hot Cross Buns on phrases 1, 2, and 4?

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