New Picture Books for Young Children

Ever since I was a young child walking around the block to the library I have gotten a huge amount of enjoyment out of beautiful picture books. My joy persisted through my high school and college years working in a lovely independent bookstore and into my career as a music teacher. There are several picture books I routinely use in my classroom (such as Tom Paxton’s wonderful book Going to the Zoo) and even more that I wish I could work in (such as the beautiful book that goes with John Denver’s beautiful song Sunshine on my Shoulders.)

For those who also live children’s book in the classroom or at home there are several new picture books out recently that illustrate classic children’s songs. Many of them also come with CD’s. The two I am most interested in are the NEW version of The Marvelous Toy by Tom Paxton and Peter Yarrow’s Day is Done, which comes with a CD on which he sings with his daughter.

When you put beautiful words and music together with beautiful pictures the result is magical. These books are assembled with all of the love and care we would expect from men who have put so much passion and energy into their music over such long careers.


  1. musicteacher541 Said,

    October 30, 2009@ 6:07 am      

    Thanks for this post. I always feel glad whenever I encounter people who have the same passion and love for music like what I actually have. I also admire your efforts to share your bright ideas on music education. I agree with you when you say that when music teachers out there put beautiful words and music together with beautiful pictures, the result is magical. This music teaching strategy has been effective in increasing the levels of motivation and interest of the students. When the music teacher himself is creative, resourceful and effective, his students will surely excel and love music at its best. Thanks again and more power. See you around. Cheers!

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