IWB Resources for Music Teachers

Danny Nicholson (@dannynic) recently tweeted about a post to his blog that is packed with great ideas on how ot use an IWB in the music room.  Danny’s Twitter stream always contains a lot of great tips on IWB stuff!

Extra thanks to him for editing his post to include a link to our IWB wiki for music teachers: mustech.pbworks.com.  A place where many music teachers go to share their IWB lessons, and you can too!


  1. music teachers Said,

    August 25, 2009@ 2:06 am      

    Thanks for sharing! Any music teaching resources from many music teachers website and software available nowadays are indeed helpful and useful to all music teachers out there. Innovative and interactive ways where music teachers can visit, enjoy and learn more new things as they communicate with their fellow music teachers must be disseminated to all for the betterment of music education and the entire educational system around the globe. For more reliable and useful music teaching resources and tips, please read my posts too and see how these techniques can take your music teaching to a higher level. Enjoy!

  2. Janice - Educational Music Games Said,

    April 10, 2010@ 9:54 am      

    Thanks for posting these great links.

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